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The owners of spuds are husband and wife Jason and Jessica Clark. The idea for SPUDS is an idea that Jessica has had for over 10 years. She is a huge baked potato lover and is something of a mad scientist in the kitchen. She has always wanted to create great baked potatoes but put the time into each one to make them very homemade and unique.

Companies that don't understand their competitive advantage say things like "Our product is better quality" or "Our service is better." Even if a company does have better quality or better service, it won't convince customers just by saying so, because many of its competitors will be saying the exact same thing. At SPUDS we understand how to define quality and we know what outstanding service looks like. We differentiate ourselves in this way: At SPUDS we know that people dont buy what we do but they buy why we do it. We happen to make great food. We do it because we believe in challenging the culinary status quo by using quality ingredients in innovative ways to create an amazing meal in the most unlikely of mediums.....a POTATO.